Bangkok Nightlife Streets - 10 Best Party streets in Bangkok

bangkok nightlife street

bangkok nightlife is a city that is filled with variety of activities and experiences for tourists and even for the locals. Apart from the serene Temples and the beautiful museums to visit during the day, the nightlife is as exciting and a must-experience when visiting Bangkok. There are many locations all around Bangkok that are famous for the party goers depending on your partying style, type of music and budget. Different party streets here offer different vibes. If you are still deciding which party street to hop around, we are here to help. So there are 10 Best Party streets in Bangkok.

1. Sukhumvit 11 (Soi Nana)

Sukhumvit 11 or Soi Nana is in the heart of Bangkok Downtown area and this is known as the most famous party streets in Bangkok. From the beginning of the street to the back end, well-known clubs and bars line up to welcome all the party people. Some of the renowned night club includes Levels, Sugar and Insanity. As for the cocktail bars there re Havana Social, Oskar and the Alchemist bar). Last but not least the rooftop bars in the area are Above Eleven and Nest.

2. Ekkamai

Ekkamai is the fancy party street of Bangkok and this street attracts a different type of crowds. Most party goers in this area will be in properly dressed for the party from head and toes. This area is the home of executives and millionaires of Thailand so the party scene will be more upscale which will be reflected on the price.

3. Thonglor

Thonglor is the street connected to Ekkamai so the party is scene is very similar. So if you are bored of Ekkamai then you can just hop over to Thonglor and enjoy more incredible bars and night clubs. Thonglor and Ekkamai are considered to be one of the safest party streets of Bangkok.

4. RCA

RCA or Royal City Avenue is the classic party street in Bangkok. RCA is a great option if you want to party with the locals. The music played and the bands that have gigs in this area are mostly Thai but lately there has been a mixture of crowds in RCA which makes it very lively. The night usually start of a bit slow so its a best to head there a bit later in the evening to catch the best live bands and great energy.

5. Silom

Silom is party street which is know to be filled with office workers since Silom is also known as the financial district of Bangkok. Since this area is known for a large population of office workers not a lot of nightclubs are found in this area, however a wide variety of bars are found scattered all over Silom. The bars here range from a small local bar to an upscale luxurious bar. The most renowned bars in Silom is Vesper bar. But there are secret sub-streets of Silom soi 2 and soi 4 which is know as the "Gay Street" so those that want to experience the next level of Bangkok Party life pop into Silom soi 2 and soi 4 for an unforgettable experience.

6. Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy can also be referred as the "Red light district" of Bangkok. This party street in Bangkok offers a different type of fun. The type of fun that includes minimally clothed ladies, pingpong (sex) shows, and more. So if this is your preference this Soi Cowboy is a good place to visit and to make the most out of your party experience in bangkok nightlife for adults.

7. Patpong

Patpong street is considered to be the most touristy street in Bangkok. Patpong street has a lot of things going on ranging from the night market that sells souvenirs, hair salon, tattoo studio and of course clubs and bars. This area is generally cheaper than many party streets in Bangkok. This street is also open during the day but the craziness comes at night.

8. Khaosan Road

Khaosan road, the famous road to all the tourists and the locals when they think of a party street in Bangkok. This street is the center for the backpackers. The bars and clubs are catered for tourists so many authentic Thai dishes will be served along with exotic snacks such as fried crickets and worms. The drinks are also very fairly priced so this street is the best place to bar hop.

9. Ratchada

Ratchada is known for the homes of lounges and big nightclubs locating near RCA. This party street of Bangkok attracts the older crowds that can make it (money) rain. Lounges and nightclubs are filled with beautiful ladies and handsome men to service the guests. The food and drinks here can be quiet pricy and you can find a lot of the locals in this area

10. Ari

Ari, the street for cafe-hoppers during the day and bar-hoppers at night. Ari has been getting popular for the past several years as many new bars start to appear. The cool and hip crowds are often found on this party street of Bangkok. Read more here.