Bangkok nightlife for adults - 15 places to enjoy and mingle

bangkok nightlife for adults

bangkok nightlife is know as the city of angels and when the Sun goes down those beautiful angels come out to play. Bangkok is filled with variety of party scenes where you can find a variety of clubs and bars throughout the city. Bangkok Nightlight for adults can be difficult when it comes to deciding where to go. So we are here to provide you with the list of 15 places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults. Let's get this party started.

1. Q Club

Q Club, one of the top ranking clubs in Bangkok of course made it to number one on your list of 15 places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults. Whether you are alone or with a group, A Club is the place to be! This bar is filled with World class pool tables for all guests to enjoy. This club also serves as a heaven for the sports fan due to the massive screen with the continuous live of your favorite matches. Food and drinks are also the highlights of this club. So you will leave this club with a full stomach and a full heart!

2. Bamboo Bar

Bamboo bar is the renowned jazz bar of Bangkok located inside the world's famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Live jazz bands perform here most nights and guests that come to this bar will be dressed with the most sophisticated outfits to blend in with the old jazz vibes decorations of this bar. All classic and the signature cocktails are the must try and are crafted with the finest ingredients and mix with the most experienced bartenders. Bangkok nightlife for adults list will never be complete without mentioning this bar.

3. Saxophone Pub

Saxophone Pub is located in a small street close to Victory Monument. This famous jazz bar is one of the oldest jazz bars in Bangkok and it is listed as a must-visit place amongst the tourists that is why it came in as number three on out list of places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults. Saxophone pub is the best place for Bangkok nightlife for adults that loves live jazz music. Live jazz bands are played every almost everyday to fill the venue with perfect jazz atmosphere.

4. Sing Sing Theater

Sing Sing Theater is a unique Chinese inspired themed bar located near BTS Phrom Pong. The interior designer of this bar is the same designer that designed Maggie Choo's another famous bar in Sathorn area. Once stepping into Sing Sing Theater, you will be taken back into the old world China which can be fully enjoyed with a Chinese inspired cocktails crafted with a hint of different Chinese ingredients. This bar is prefect for Bangkok nightlife for adults that are into unique

5. Whisgar

Whisgar is a bar and restaurant that is filled with a variety of whisky as well as a wide selection of cigars. Whisgar is located in Sukhumvit 23. The venue has a large space and a parking area. Whisgar is divided into two zones, including an indoor and an outdoor areas. For those that are new to cigars, the staffs and the owner will provide you with all the information of the cigar and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

6. Route 66 Club

Route 66 is the club for the old school party goers. Most of the adult locals find themselves at Route 66 Club or in near by clubs in the area called RCA. Route 66 is a large venue with four different zone, including the areas of live music, pop, rock and hip-hop. The laser shows and the LED dance floor are the main attractions in this club and those bring everyone to the dance floor without hesitation.

7. Revolucion Cocktail

Revolucion Cocktail made it to number seven on our list and this cuban inspired bar made its way to bangkok nightlife area all the way from China. The bartenders here are one of the most knowledgable bartenders whose brains are filled with the secret recipe for the perfect cocktails. This is the perfect cocktail bar to enjoy and experience in Bangkok nightlife for adults.

8. Bobo Club Bangkok

Bobo Club is famous to the party goers of all ages and it is located in the Hyatt Regency hotel in the heart of Bangkok. Bobo club often has performances from famous DJs local and international. The VIP section is equipped with highly trained staffs and tables with enough privacy for the guests. This is definitely the place to experience places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults.

9. Havana Social

Havana Social used to be the must-visit speakeasy of Bangkok but due to the great reputation of the music, the bartender and the atmosphere, this bar is now well-known amongst the locals and expats of Bangkok. This Colonial Cuban themed bar is attracts all types of party goers. Moreover, Salsa lessons are offered here at the bar but due to the popularity of the event please contact the bar before deciding to learn some sexy salsa moves at the Havana Social. Bangkok nightlife for adults cannot be completed without stopping by at this bar.

10. Thay Ekkamai

Thay Ekkamai is the famous bar for the most of the younger crowds of Bangkok but that does not mean the adults cannot have fun. Thay can still be listed Bangkok nightlife for adults since now that the Covid restrictions have been loosened, many adults can be spotted at Thay Ekkamai due to the lively and fun partying atmosphere. This modern bar has both outdoor and indoor areas for the guests to choose and the top notch service is what brings most people back to Thay. Variety of food and drinks are available on the menu. The famous dish at Thay is "Tum Yam Mama" or the spicy instant noodle soup with a twist.

11. Vanilla Sky rooftop

Vanilla sky rooftop is the best place to go an enjoy the sunset. This rooftop bar is on the 35th floor of the Skyview hotel in Bangkok. This venue gives a 360 degree view of the city and it must be enjoyed with a few delicious signature cocktails crafted to perfection which is called "The Vanilla Sky". This is a must visit if you are planning your Bangkok nightlife for adults and wants a place to relax and wind down.

12. Above Eleven

Above Eleven is a Peruvian Japanese themed rooftop bar located on the 33rd floor inside the Fraser Suites on the party street of Sukhumvit 11. The bar has a unique and a mysterious design of structural metals which gives a maze-like vibe to the place. Above Eleven serves a wide range of Peruvian Japanese fusion dishes and well as cocktails. So this is a distinctive places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults.

13. Hemingway's

Hemingway's is a very famous bar and restaurant which has been moved to Sukhumvit Soi 11 the street for places to enjoy Bangkok nightlife for adults. The vintage design house is very hard to miss and it gives customers a feeling of dining and drink at home. The bar serves international dishes as well as offering a rotation of 12 taps of draft beers.

14. Crimson Room

Crimson Room, the sophisticated speakeasy jazz bar of Laungsuan area. This Bangkok nightlife for adults bar is decorated in a Great Gatsby inspired theme so be prepared to dress up before coming to this fancy bar. All of the The Crimson room's signature cocktails are made with exquisite techniques and they are all a must-try when visiting Crimson Room.

15. Smokey Cat Wine room

Smokey Cat wine room is a cafe by day and a wine room by night venue. This wine room has a variety of wine to choose from and you will be greeted by a wine sommelier who is one of the owners of this wine bar. A cheese board is also offered for the guests to pair it with the favorite choice of wine. So this place should be added to the plan of Bangkok nightlife for adults that are wine lovers. Read More.