Bangkok Nightlife for Singles - 20 best places to find your other half

bangkok nightlife for singles

Thailand is the land of smiles that is filled with many landmarks and activities for tourists and even the Thais to explore. bangkok nightlife , "The city of Angels" is the capital city of Thailand and it is known as the city of Angels for a reason. All the beautiful angels of all genders are spreading their wings and showing off their shines all over town. This makes it a destination for many singles. Bangkok Nightlife here in Bangkok has a wide range of vibes for everyone to discover especially the singles. If you do not know where to start, we are here to list of the top Bangkok Nightlife for Singles- 20 places for you to go and find your other half! May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Q Club

Q club easily made it to the top of the list due to the lively and spacious venue which welcomes different types of customers especially those that are single and ready to mingle. Q Club is not just a typical club but it is everything in one. It is a club, sports bar, pool bar, and even a lounge and this makes Q Club stands out from the crowd. World class pool tables are the highlights of this club attracting locals and expats in Bangkok. A variety of food and drinks are also available at Q Club which is a very important part of the bangkok nightlife street experience. Attractive crowds are often found hanging out at Q club so this place is the place to go for singles of all gender.

2. Mutual Bar

Mutual Bar is the place for cool adults. It is a cozy place, best for winding down after a long day at the office thanks to the comfortable seatings. Since the place is not too large, it gives singles chances to interact with others in the perfect lightly-dimmed atmosphere for your Bangkok Nightlife experience. Special drinks are released each month so it keeps customers coming back for more. There is no food on the menu however unlimited snacks are served throughout the night!

3. Saxophone

Saxophone is one of the most famous saxophone bar in Bangkok located near Victory Monument. Many famous saxophone legends such as Mr. Koh Saxman are often played at this venue which makes this venue the renowned saxophone bar on the Bangkok Nightlife list. The sound of saxophone echoing the bar brings out the most romantic vibe, perfect atmosphere for singles to find their other half. The food here is mainly comfort pub food and there are different types of drinks to choose from including the non-alcoholic options.

4. Bar.Yard

Bar.Yard is a tropical themed rooftop bar located on the 40th floor of the Kimpton Maa-lai Hotel in the luxurious Langsuan area. This instagramable place attracts younger crowds however a wider range of customers are often spotted here due to the great Tex-Mex food and creative cocktails. The venue is mostly an outdoor venue but a semi-indoor area is also provided incase the weather is not permitting. The breathtaking view of Bangkok will leave you mesmerized and allows you to feel another level of the Bangkok Nightlife. The price is also very affordable considering its a hotel rooftop bar. So all the singles out there, please start making your way to Bar.Yard for a night of socializing.

5. Ba Hao

Ba Hao, a Chinese inspired bar which has the meaning of number eight. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese since it represents the symbol of infinity so this bar might be the lucky place for the singles to land themselves with a perfect match! The bar is four stories high with hotel rooms on the top floors. The bar offers many Chinese inspired cocktails with some secret Chinese ingredients. Many craft beer selections are also available too. Ba Hao serves some incredible Chinese Szechuan dishes such as the sweet and sour soup. The bar is now expanding the food and drinks menu so be on a look out for that Bangkok Nightlife peeps!

6. Wallflower Upstairs

Wallflower Upstairs is located on a rooftop of a vintage shophouse in Chinatown. Away from the rustling downtown of Bangkok Nightlife, Wallflower Upstairs gives a quiet, retro-rustic ambience. Even though it does not offer a sky-high city view but the view of the busy Chinatown streets treats you with a different yet satisfying feel. The low-key vibe will give customers a chance to interact which can be beneficial for the singles to get to know one another. Bangkok Nightlife cannot be complete without great food and drinks. Wallflower Upstairs serves a different types of drinks and both international and local food are available on the menu. The "Garden themed" cocktail here is a must try!

7. Bar 335

Bar 335 is a speakeasy bar located in a little road between Sukhumvit 39 and 49. This unique name comes from an song from an American jazz-rock legend, Larry Carlton. The bar is designed according to the owner's preference to bring is a splash of Japanese touch into the bar. With the discreet ambience, this is the best place to get away from the chaotic city life and mingle with the people of the same purpose. The cozy sized bar offers privacy and intimate vibes to the bar hoppers so this is a great chance for the singles chat it up. Bar 335 offers classic cocktails and highballs as well as the perfectly crafted cocktails from the bartender to please the people who are seeking to experience the best of Bangkok Nightlife.

8. Alonetogether

Alonetogether is a coolest hidden bar today. As the name implies, it is a place to be alone together with a candle lit and a snuggly vibe. This attracts many types of crowds both locals and expats. Jazz musicians often perform here on most days of the week to add the extra romance in the air and encourage the single ladies and gentlemen to stir up their courage to converse. Happen hours for cocktails are also available everyday and thats the magnets for us Bangkok Nightlife hunters.

9. Messengerservice Bar

Messengerservice Bar brings a new trend to the world of cocktail art. Messengerservice Bar is located just outside of city part of Bangkok in Pattanakarn. The not-to-miss "Perfume Drink" is a highlight of this bar which was created by the owner due to his passion in the sense of smell. The main theme of this bar is to symbolize itself as a messenger to give messages to the customers who enjoy this gimmick of the Bangkok Nightlife The bar is decorated with bottles containing notes inside placed along the wall. Easy-listening songs are played to ensure that the place is filled with a comfortable vibes. Customers that come to this bar are mostly office workers or young adults so if any singles are interested in those crowds, it's time to head over to Messengerservice Bar.

10. The Garrison

The Garrison is a two-story bar in Sapankwai that gets filled up the fastest amongst all the bars in that area. This "Peaky Blinders" themed bar is decorated with creative details that it can take you all the way to Birmingham as soon as you step into the bar. Live bands can be expected almost everyday here and the crowds get crazy around 10pm so make sure you get your seats before then. The singles are usually there to search for the fun and lively partner to fulfill their Bangkok Nightlife experience.

11. Dumbo Jazz & Vinyl

Dumbo Jazz & Vinyl, a well-known American style Jazz & Vinyl bar of Sapankwai area is often packed with the coolest kids in the block. It is located on the rooftop of a INN office building in the middle of the famous Bangkok Nightlife area. This vinyl bar is owned by a renowned vinyl shop owner Khun Ploy who owns a vinyl shop called "Trackaddict Records". The NYC inspired rooftop decor gives off a relaxing vibes due to the views of office buildings nearby. Jazz music from 1950s-1970s can be heard throughout the bar which can loosen up everyone after a long day at the office. Once the guests are more relaxed, its time for the singles to bring out their best pick up lines! Do not forget to order the Thai-American fusion dishes that they have to offer. You will not be disappointed.

12. Mikkeller

Mikkeller has lived up to the hype. You cannot go wrong with the 30+ rotating beer taps that the have onsite and this attracts all the beer lovers all all Bangkok. This bar in a house located on a street just a bit away from the busy Ekkamai road. The house has been redesigned to welcome the thirsty customers with a big lawn filled with bean bags, a different style to enjoy the Bangkok Nightlife. The indoor area is where the taps are and that is where all the magic happens. The cozy style makes you feel right at home when entering Mikkeller. All the stress and anxiety will be washed away to get the singles ready to mingle in this beer house.

13. Lennon's

Lennon's is known as the ultra luxury bar located in the well-known five star hotel, Rosewood Bangkok. If you are feeling a little fancy, this is the place for you to head to. The crowds here are quite sophisticated so in if this is your type of crowds or someone you want to as your other half then do not hesitate to try Lennon's. A wide collection of cigars is also available at this bar. Lennon's also has a secret room filled with thousands of vinyls that you can choose and hand over to the DJ, giving it a new experience for your Bangkok Nightlife plan.

14. The Key Room No. 72

The Key Room No. 72 is inside the hip boutique Josh Hotel in Ari. This speakeasy bar is well hidden behind door 72 so keep you eyes out if you want an exciting time for your Bangkok Nightlife experience. The red and green decorations bring out the mysterious vibes and sets the romantic atmosphere. The marble counter bar is the main highlight for this bar that brings people in to enjoy the signature drinks from all over the World. This counter bar is where the singles should be at and this will give you the chance to meet and greet with another attractive individual.

15. K-Bomb

K-Bomb is a Korean bar in Thonglor-Ekkamai which takes us all the way to Seoul as soon as you step into the bar. This bar attracts all the cool K-pop and K-hip hop peeps. The high energy place is a where you can let go of everything and dance throughout the night to the Korean beats. The food of course includes all the famous Korean munchies and you cannot miss the different flavored soju offered here. All the singles can dance the night away and mingle with the other chic party goers. This Korean vibe is a fun option to be added to your list of the Bangkok Nightlife must visits for the singles.

16. Perfect Strangers

Perfect strangers, a renowned bar in Pradipat area. This place believes that every relationship starts out as two strangers so by putting the two perfect strangers together something magical may happen. The perfect place for two perfect singles to become less of a stranger for us Bangkok Nightlife people. Perfect Strangers is a coffee shop during the day and turns into a bar at night. Fusion menus of Thai, Japanese and Italian are served here at the bar. The drinks here are also perfect.

17. Teens of Thailand

Teens of Thailand had semi renovated an old 2 story building into a vintage bar. This bar is located in the Hualumpong area. The atmosphere of this bar is quite different from the bars in the heart of Bangkok's business district. The interior of the bar contains the main structure and the feel of the original building including the antique front door. The drinks here are mostly gin based and all drinks are crafted from the finest ingredients. Due to the hidden location of the bar, this place is not too packed so this gives the singles a chance to get to know each other in a comfortable environment. This bar will give you the calm experience in the less-busy part of town and should definitely be added to your Bangkok Nightlife must visit list.

18. Salon du Japonisant

Salon du Japonisant is a Japanese and French fusion bar located in Sukhumvit 39 which is also know as the "Japanese Town of Bangkok" This bar serves as a bar and a showroom for many famous Japanese spirits, spreading more knowledge on Japanese drinks to those that enjoy the Bangkok Nightlife. A cigar room is also available at the bar for the cigar sommelier to enjoy. All drinks are created and decorated with fine Japanese ingredients and are promised to bring you back to Japan with just one sip. This relaxing bar welcomes guests of all race and cultures especially those that are in search for a significant other.

19. Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar

Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar is famous for the large collection of wine from all over the World. It is located in the upscale mall, Gaysorn in central Bangkok. The wine taps are the highlight of this bar where all wines are served in Riedel glass only. Wine bar is hands down the most romantic places to be when you are exploring the Bangkok Nightlife and this where most singles come to take in the romantic vibe. The crowds here are quite the sophisticated ones so if you are one of those individuals or you just fancy a glass or two of wine, make you reservations at Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar now!

20. Revolucion Cocktail

Revolucion Cocktail is a Cuban inspired bar which originated in China. Revolucion Cocktail used to serve as a cocktail making academy for over 10 years in China and this is their first international branch in Bangkok, Thailand. So this is the perfect place to enjoy your Bangkok Nightlife. The huge bar consists of more than 500 bottles arranged beautifully at the back and all the bartenders are top notch with their cocktail knowledge. This is a good chance for the singles can pop up at the bar to get some ideas about the drinks to impress certain individual. Read more