Bangkok Nightlife near me - 15 places near me to enjoy Bangkok nightlife

bangkok nightlife near me

If you're a party animal who wants to visit Bangkok, there are a few things you should bear in mind as you plan your trip. bangkok nightlife is high on the list of things to do when visiting the nation. Bangkok has several nightlife zones to suit your interests and comfort, depending on what you're searching for. We have compiled a few party areas that would be a useful guide for Bangkok Nightlife Near me. Below are the 15 places near me to enjoy Bangkok nightlife

1. Q Club

With Q Club at the top of our list of Bangkok's best nightlife near me, it's no surprise that it's also the city's number one club. With world-class pool tables and a wide selection of drinks and food, Q Club is the perfect place to spend a night out in Bangkok. Plus, with a huge screen broadcasting live sports events, it's hard to not feel entertained!

2. Havana Social

Havana Social is a popular speakeasy in Bangkok that has a colonial Cuban theme. It is known for its great music and atmospheric ambience, and it is a popular spot for locals and expats. In addition, salsa lessons are offered at the bar, but due to the high demand for the lessons, please contact the bar before deciding to take them. Finally, Bangkok nightlife near me cannot be complete without a visit to Havana Social.

3. Chongjaroen Groove

Chongjaroen Groove is a popular live music venue located in the outdoor section of Central World shopping mall. Famous Thai pop bands and singers often play at Chongjaroen Groove, and this attracts a young and energetic crowd. The bar has several branches all over Bangkok, and all branches are often packed during the weekends due to their popularity. Chongjaroen Groove offers a variety of food (Thai and Western) as well as drinks.


ONYX is the place if you're a fan of electronic dance music. This club can hold up to 2,500 people and it's always blasting music and laser shows, making it the perfect place to let loose in Bangkok. And don't forget the world-class DJs – like Skrillex, The Chainsmokers, or Alan Walker – who frequently perform at ONYX making it the fun place for bangkok nightlife places near me.

5. Bar 335

A speakeasy bar called Bar 335 can be found in a small road between Sukhumvit 39 and 49. Larry Carlton, an American jazz-rock legend, wrote a song that gave rise to this singular moniker. The owner wanted the bar to have a little bit of Japanese flair, so it was designed that way. This is the best place to get away from the frantic city life and meet people who share your goals because of the quiet atmosphere. This is a great opportunity for singles to have a conversation because the small bar provides privacy and a cozy atmosphere for bar hoppers. For those who want to get a taste of Bangkok Nightlife near me, Bar 335 has classic cocktails like highballs and perfectly crafted cocktails from the bartender.

6. Messengerservice Bar

In the world of cocktail art, Messengerservice Bar introduces a new trend. In Pattanakarn, just outside of the city of Bangkok, you'll find the Messengerservice Bar. This bar's "Perfume Drink," which the owner created out of his love for the sense of smell, is a must-try. This bar's primary theme is to act as a messenger to convey messages to patrons who enjoy the Bangkok Nightlife gimmick. Bottles with notes inside are displayed along the bar's walls. Songs that are simple to understand are played to ensure that the atmosphere is inviting. The majority of people who visit this bar are young adults or office workers the prefect place to enjoy Bangkok Nightlife near me.

7. Lennon's

Lennon's is known as the ultra-luxury bar in the Rosewood Bangkok, a well-known five-star hotel. This is the place to go if you're feeling a little fancy. Don't be afraid to give Lennon's a try if this is the kind of crowd you like or someone you want as your partner. The crowd here is very sophisticated. This bar also offers a large selection of cigars. Lennon's also has a secret room with thousands of vinyl records that you can choose from and give to the DJ, giving your Bangkok Nightlife plan a new experience. This is where the perfect Bangkok nightlife near be could be.

8. K-Bomb

K-Bomb is a Korean Bar in Thonglor-Ekkamai which transports you to Seoul from the moment you enter. All of the cool K-pop and K-hip hop fans flock to this bar. You can let go of everything in this high-energy location and dance all night to Korean beats. Naturally, the food includes all of the well-known snacks from Korea, and the variety of flavored soju available here cannot be missed. You dance the night away with other stylish partygoers. Add this funky Korean-style establishment to your list of Bangkok nightlife must-sees.

9. Salon du Japonisant

The Japanese and French fusion bar Salon du Japonisant is in Sukhumvit 39, which is also known as the "Japanese Town of Bangkok." It serves as both a bar and a showroom for many famous Japanese spirits, educating those who enjoy Bangkok's nightlife about Japanese drinks. The cigar sommelier can also take advantage of a cigar room at the bar which is the most unique spot to enjoy Bangkok Nightlife near me. It is promised that just one sip of any of the drinks will transport you back to Japan. They are all made and decorated with high-quality Japanese ingredients. All races and cultures are welcome at this relaxing bar.

10. Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar

Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar is well-known for its extensive selection of international wines. In the heart of Bangkok, it can be found in the posh Gaysorn shopping center. The highlight of this bar is its wine taps, where only Riedel glasses are used to serve wine. When exploring Bangkok's nightlife near me, the wine bar is without a doubt the most romantic spot, and this is where most single people go to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Make your reservations at Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar right away if you're one of those people or just fancy a couple of glasses of wine!

11. The loft

The Loft is one of the most luxurious bars in Bangkok which sits on the 56th floor of the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. Locating in the middle of the Ratchaprasong district, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Bangkok from this bar. the loft is decorated in rose gold accents with a hard-to-miss chandeliers in the center of the room. This New York inspired bar offers a World class signature cocktails as well as the classic cocktails. To enjoy the most sophisticated Bangkok Nightlife at this bar, a reservation is highly recommended.

12. Vesper

Vesper has become a must-visit cocktail bar and the talk of the town since its debut in Silom in 2014. Vesper has always been the top choice for the majority of Bangkokians, and the Silom area is known for its chic and lively bars for office workers. Due to its talented bartenders and carefully crafted drinks, Vesper had won so many international awards and recognitions. In addition to a selection of wines, the menu includes everything from cocktails to digestives. So if you are in search for a Bangkok Nightlife near me then this can be added to your list.

13. Smokey Cat Wine room

Smokey Cat Wine Room is both a wine room and a cafe during the day. You will be greeted by a wine sommelier who is one of the owners of this wine bar. This wine room has a variety of wines to choose from. The guests can also enjoy their preferred wine with a cheese board that is provided. Therefore, adults who enjoy wine should include this location on their list of Bangkok nightlife destinations.

14. Crimson Room

The Soi Langsuan community's speakeasy, Crimson Room, is a posh jazz bar with a Great Gatsby theme. It takes us back to the years following the Second World War, when jazz culture was at its best. You will be led down to the center stage, where live jazz bands perform every day, as you enter this jazz bar, which has seating that looks like stadiums. In order to convey a feeling of opulence, it has red, black, and a dash of gold in its decorations. The Crimson Room's signature cocktails, which are crafted with flawless techniques and exquisite ingredients, are an essential part of Bangkok Nightlife near me. Therefore, put on you Great Gatsby costume and head to the Crimson Room.

15. Thay Ekkamai

Even though the majority of Bangkok's younger crowd frequent Thay Ekkamai, adults can still have a good time. Since the Covid restrictions have been lifted, Thay Ekkamai is still considered to be the choice for Bangkok nightlife near me because of its lively and entertaining party atmosphere. The best service is what keeps most people coming back to this contemporary bar, which has both outdoor and indoor areas for guests to choose from. The menu offers a wide range of beverages and food options. "Tum Yam Mama," a spicy instant noodle soup with a twist, is Thay's most popular dish. Read more here.