Pool Hall vs Snooker Hall: Distinguishing Two Temples of Cue Sports

Pool Hall vs Snooker Hall


The echoes of breaking balls, the meticulous aiming, and the triumphant cheers are common scenes in both pool halls and snooker halls (Pool Hall vs Snooker Hall). These venues, while seemingly similar, offer distinct experiences tailored to their respective cue sports. This article elucidates the differences between a pool hall and a snooker hall, focusing on their atmosphere, table specifications, clientele, and the games played within. Thailand Snooker Ranking Series


Atmosphere & Ambiance

Pool Halls: Typically, pool halls are characterized by a more relaxed and casual ambiance. They often host a diverse clientele, from casual players seeking leisure to seasoned competitors honing their skills. The atmosphere is convivial, with background music and lively conversations contributing to the overall experience.

Snooker Halls: Snooker halls, on the other hand, tend to maintain a more formal and serene atmosphere. The emphasis is on concentration and precision, reflecting the strategic nature of snooker. Patrons are usually more focused, and there is a greater adherence to etiquette and sportsmanship. Thailand Billiards and Snooker Association

Table Specifications

Pool Tables: Pool tables are smaller, usually measuring 7, 8, or 9 feet in length. They feature pockets with wider mouths and rounded corners, facilitating the potting of balls. The cloth surface is often slower, affecting the speed and trajectory of the balls.

Snooker Tables: Snooker tables are larger, with a standard size of 12 feet by 6 feet. The pockets are narrower with sharper angles, demanding greater accuracy from players. The cloth is typically faster, allowing the balls to travel further and requiring players to exhibit finer control.

Table Specifications

Games and Rules

Pool Hall: Pool halls cater to a variety of pool games such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and straight pool, each with its unique set of rules and strategies. The games are generally shorter and more fast-paced, making them suitable for both casual play and competitive matches. คู่แข่ง

Snooker Hall: Snooker halls are dedicated to the game of snooker, which is known for its intricate rules and longer duration. The game requires strategic planning, precise aiming, and careful consideration of every shot, offering a more complex and nuanced experience.


Pool Halls: Pool halls attract a wide array of individuals, from novices to experienced players. The diversity in clientele contributes to a more inclusive and social environment, where players can engage in friendly competition and exchange tips and tricks.

Snooker Halls: Snooker halls tend to draw enthusiasts who have a deep appreciation for the finesse and strategy involved in snooker. The clientele is often more experienced, and there is a shared respect for the intricacies of the game and the skills required to master it.


While pool halls and snooker halls both serve as sanctuaries for cue sports enthusiasts, they offer distinctly different environments and experiences. Pool halls are synonymous with diversity, inclusivity, and a relaxed atmosphere, whereas snooker halls are revered for their formality, focus, and the strategic depth of the game played within. Recognizing these differences allows patrons to choose the venue that best aligns with their preferences, whether they seek the casual camaraderie of a pool hall or the disciplined elegance of a snooker hall